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Pontianak Hall Tree


Pontianak Hall Tree

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Pontianak Hall Tree
Brand Loon Peak
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These tree decor are one-of-a-kind conversation pieces just for you. They are made from mangosteen, a tree famed for its nutritious fruit for a number of years, and then are burned down to make room for new trees. To prevent those resources from being wasted, Thai artisans have reclaimed the felled trunks, and trimmed, sanded, and stained them to form these handsome coat stands. Because they are made from actual tree trunks, each one is unique, size and color will vary, but it will bring raw, organic beauty to the room. Place it near the entrance of your home or office, and enjoy your own private piece of the great outdoors.

Loon Peak

Bringing the rustic comfort of a mountain vista to homes far and wide, Loon Peak is a leader in cabin furniture and decor. Features like hand-distressed finishes, natural cowhide, and hidden storage are standard fare throughout our collection of updated lodge and lakeside furnishings.

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