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Athanasie Plant Stand


Athanasie Plant Stand

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Athanasie Plant Stand
Brand Wildon Home
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This tall plant stand is made of high-quality iron, strong and stable, not easily deformed. This metal planter holder available to hold up weight of different kinds of the potted plants, load capacity up to 200 pounds (equivalent to the weight of man adults), no need to worry about flower pot rack bending breaking.This plant racks surface have a rust-proof coating, when watering the plant or place in a humid environment, the iron plant stand will not rust. We use environmentally friendly paint, which will not produce pungent or harmful gases, and protect the environment and family health.The metal plant stand has 4 support points, and the support leg design can balance the force scientifically. Suitable for anywhere, indoor and outdoor, garden, balcony, office, kitchen. You don't have to worry about accidentally knocking down the flower rack when children or pets play. The tall plant stand size: 12.5x23.6 inches. And the top of the flower stand is a 7cm depth pot. Flower pot on the placement is extremely stable and will not move. Don't worry about assembly, you can complete with only one wrench to assemble easily. Perfect gifts for your home or garden.The plant stand with elegant design and minimalist style, wrought iron lines, thickened, providing strong support for plants, brightens up your home and garden. Let your flower bloom with this beautiful and practical planter stand on the time.

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