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Pasir 3-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase


Pasir 3-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase

Save on Pasir 3-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase

Product Details
Pasir 3-Tier Open Shelf Bookcase
Brand Ebern Designs
Sku W009557628_404566568
Updated 2023-11-17 10:18:00
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Description - Features

This organizer bookcase is simple and easy to integrate with any home decor. The range is available in different height sizes and doors are designed in slightly different ways to provide a variety of options to create your own storage space. All materials are made in Malaysia and comply with green production rules. Odor-free, durable, and the most stable of medium-density composite woods. The simple attitude towards lifestyle is directly reflected in the design of Fengzhi furniture, creating a trend of simplicity and nature. Color: Brown

Ebern Designs

Ebern Designs offers a large selection of Bedroom Furniture.

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