Add Value to Your House by Creating Visual Space

Add Value to Your House by Creating Visual Space

ll homebuyers want as much house for their money as they can get. Many buyers are looking for a larger home because they've outgrown their current one, and especially desire more closet and cupboard space as well as larger rooms. Visual space makes your home appear larger by allowing the buyer's eye to move from one side of the room to the other without interruption, giving the illusion of more space and openness. In contrast, a cluttered room stops the eye repeatedly and gives the illusion of less space. In order to make your home appear larger, decluttering and removing unnecessary furniture is essential. The goal is to create a comforting atmosphere in which buyers can imagine their furniture and belongings easily fitting in. Once a buyer has this image in their mind, you're one step closer to a sale!

1. Pack away family photographs and small accessories. Family photographs make your house personal, but you want the buyer to see the house as theirs, so pack away all family pictures and mementos, including awards, trophies, plaques, etc. Small accessories (knickknacks, collections, figurines) distract the buyer by focusing on many small items instead of large, open spaces. These items should also be stored away.

2. Take small pictures off the walls. Small pictures break up the space of a wall and cause the buyer to stop and look at the pictures instead of allowing their eyes to see the wall without interruption. Keep large pictures above areas you want to highlight, such as over the bed, fireplace or sofa.

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