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Sherita 3 Panel 6ft Room Divider


Sherita 3 Panel 6ft Room Divider

Save on Sherita 3 Panel 6ft Room Divider

Product Details
Sherita 3 Panel 6ft Room Divider
Brand Bay Isle Home
Sku W002041052
Updated 2022-02-16 17:05:29
Retail Price $887.49
Availability In Stock!
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Description - Features

Make your bedroom simple and elegant with this Bamboo Leaf Screen which will serve its true purpose too. This screen gives a bit of Asian culture vibe and will fill in the dull spaces to make your bedroom look more lively. This Screen can also be used as a flat wall decor, which will work well with paired home decor accessories and items. It goes well with the furniture and decor settings of the living room as well.

Bay Isle Home

Bay Isle Home offers a large selection of Bedroom Furniture.

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