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Abella Accent Stool


Abella Accent Stool

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Abella Accent Stool
Brand Loon Peak
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From the largest manufacturer of handcrafted quality log furnishings in America comes this all-new Collection line of furniture products. American-grown wood, the artisans rough saw all the timbers and accessory trim pieces for a look uniquely reminiscent of the timber-framed homes once found on the American frontier. A versatile piece of rustic decor, this log stool is a very popular item. Use it in conjunction with your rocking chair for a relaxing evening or it can also be used as a step stool for those hard-to-reach places. The rough lodge pole pine legs combine with the solid, American-grown wood top to create an exceptionally sturdy little stool. Color: Stained and Lacquered

Loon Peak

Bringing the rustic comfort of a mountain vista to homes far and wide, Loon Peak is a leader in cabin furniture and decor. Features like hand-distressed finishes, natural cowhide, and hidden storage are standard fare throughout our collection of updated lodge and lakeside furnishings.

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