Creating A Modern Designer Kitchen

Creating A Modern Designer Kitchen

Making your kitchen attractive, contemporary and beautiful may seem like a tough thing to do especially on a smaller budget – but in reality, it’s not that hard at all. In fact, there are just a few little tips that are worth remembering when you invest in what you need; there’s plenty of room to allow you to be yourself, too. So, if you’re going to create that modern designer kitchen, what have you got to priorities? Simply remember the following:

The work triangle – the space between the oven, fridge and sink – is increasingly seen as an outdated formula. Instead, people are creating a space that is both entertaining and social; including seating or simply more space into the area is a very good way to get the modern ball rolling.

Get Yourself An Island The popularity of a single unit of any shape and size in the middle of the kitchen is growing. As multi-functional fixtures, they can either be used as part of the above tip (a social breakfast bar, for example) or simple storage. Ultimately, they reduce the need for movement by keeping things to hand, while also giving you another surface to work with.

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