Rug Placement & Size Guide

Rug Placement & Size Guide

You found the ideal rugs for your home, the color and design are perfect - but what about the size? And where are you going to place them in your home? Mastering the art of area rug placement can feel a little overwhelming, but this guide is here to help. We break down standard rug sizes and placement ideas so you can shop like a seasoned interior designer.

Before you start shopping for an area rug, itís important to consider the size of your room and make sure that the rug isnít too big or small. Measuring the size of your room will help you choose a well-sized rug, especially if youíre looking for a larger rug that will cover most of your floor space. You can also use a bed sheet or masking tape to mark off the size of your potential area rug and see if it works in the space. Check out this chart of standard rug sizes to help you choose the right sized rug:

In addition to area sizes, itís also important to think about rug placement when designing your home. There are a few common area rug placements that you can use to create a stylish and balanced look:

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