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Athanase Plant Stand


Athanase Plant Stand

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Athanase Plant Stand
Brand Wildon Home
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This display rack surface have a rust-proof coating, when watering the plant or place in a humid environment, the iron flower stands will not rust, but retained its deep copper luster. This bonsai display stands short leg design with smooth and curved, with non-slip plastic pads, so you don't have to worry about hurting the ground. The Potted holders is made of high-quality wrought iron and rod iron wire welded. It has 3 support points, and the supporting leg design can balance the force scientifically. Which can bear 30 lbs of weight and stand stably. The folding type is convenient for storage and mobile. Plant Shelves is multi-function such as flower pots, books, cups, etc., for garden, balcony, terrace, corridor, living room and office decoration. Perfect gifts for your home or garden. Size: 13.78 in * 13.78 in * 22.45 in , the diameter of the tray is 10.62 inch. The plant shelf is easy to install, only need 2 step to set it up. First remove the nut from the screw, install the bracket, then put on the nut and tighten with a wrench.

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