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Catryn 47'' H x 21'' W Standard Bookcase


Catryn 47'' H x 21'' W Standard Bookcase

Save on Catryn 47'' H x 21'' W Standard Bookcase

Product Details
Catryn 47'' H x 21'' W Standard Bookcase
Brand Ebern Designs
Sku W100161025
Updated 2023-11-17 08:55:00
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Description - Features

Have you struggled with an untidy and annoying desktop before? Why not try our brand-new bookshelf? It consists of 7 open shelves and a large drawer, allowing you to store a lot of stuffs, such as books, magazines, potted plants, decorations and so on. You will be impressed by the durable and stable structure. The bookcase is made of high quality engineered wood for high strength and good durability. The anti-toppling device enables it to be fixed to the wall for added security. What's more, non-slip foot pads greatly improve the stability and protect your floor. This tree-shaped bookcase is suitable for different places, including living room, study, office, etc. Add our freestanding bookshelf to your cart. After that, you will embrace an organized and clean space!

Ebern Designs

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