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Folding Beach Chair Solid Wood Teak


Folding Beach Chair Solid Wood Teak

Save on Folding Beach Chair Solid Wood Teak

Product Details
Folding Beach Chair Solid Wood Teak
Brand Millwood Pines
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Description - Features

This folding beach chair features an iconic design and is a perfect choice for your patio or for the beach or campsite. Premium material: Solid teak wood is a beautiful natural material. Treat the surface with oil, wax, lacquer, or a glazing finish for a stronger surface and easy cleaning. Teak wood is very strong and weather resistant. Comfortable seating: The fabric seat and backrest add to the chair's seating comfort. The backrest can be adjusted so you can find the most comfortable sitting or lying position. Easy storage: The deck chair folds easily and can be conveniently stowed away to save space. Color: Gray

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