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Aerial Vanity with Mirror


Aerial Vanity with Mirror

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Aerial Vanity with Mirror
Brand Wade Logan
Sku W005686838
Updated 2023-11-17 08:53:00
Retail Price $299.99
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Description - Features

This spectacular vanity brings a clean and modern style to your bedroom. Made of manufactured wood with a gloss finish, it gives an asymmetrical silhouette. It features an astonishing number of seven drawers to store everything you need for your daily life. It will be safe and organized in the drawers, from jewelry to documents. The top deck is ideal for placing memorable souvenirs, working on your laptop, and enjoying looking at yourself in the wide mirror.

Wade Logan

Bold, European-inspired design. This principle is what inspires Wade Logan's collection of sleek home furnishings. From rugs in wow-worthy prints to furniture with ultra-mod, glossy silhouettes, Wade Logan believes that one-of-a-kind design goes hand in hand with versatility and affordability.

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