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74.8'' Square Arm Sofa Bed


74.8'' Square Arm Sofa Bed

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Product Details
74.8'' Square Arm Sofa Bed
Brand Mercer41
Sku W005653590_1869839603
Updated 2023-11-17 10:20:00
Retail Price $383.99
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Description - Features

Bring streamlined, modern style to your space! This elegant modern sleeper features sleek and stylish with its square edges with soft-touch velvet upholstery, and wood legs to enhance the sturdiness. This sofa can be easily converted from seating to the sleeping area, which well enhances comfort. The fabric material is easy and simple to clean. The cushions will stay firm even after a long time of usage, it is filled with thick foam, which will provide ample comfort. Fabric: Dark Green


Mercer41 offers a large selection of Bedroom Furniture.

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