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Vanity with Mirror


Vanity with Mirror

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Vanity with Mirror
Brand Latitude Run
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The joy of having a special place in the home for beauty is something that is part of the feminine mystique! The ideal piece of furniture would combine a surface for creating the perfect look, lots of storage space for supplies, and a full-size mirror to see the face and hair while working. Add these together with neutral white color and eclectic design and the Acosta makeup vanity fits the description perfectly! The white color blends with other furniture styles and colors in most bedroom/bathroom areas. The table fits in an amount of floor space, so it is ideal for rooms from the size of a studio apartment to a space in a condo or large house while providing plenty of work surface to set out beauty supplies for the daily beauty regimen. Two drawers beneath the surface provide concealed storage for small items to reduce clutter and create organization. A backboard behind the table features display/storage shelves and a sliding mirror on a track to conceal or display the shelves behind each side. The Acosta makeup vanity is made of durable MDF boards and is built to last with heavy-duty steel hardware, including easy-glide drawer rails. The finish is durable, designed to resist scratches, stains, water ring damage, and fading or yellowing from UV ray exposure so you can enjoy your makeup table for years of regular use. When you want a makeup table that gives you the serenity escape for your beauty routine, choosing the Acosta makeup vanity is smart and space-saving, too!

Latitude Run

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