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Snyder Patio Chair with Cushions


Snyder Patio Chair with Cushions

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Product Details
Snyder Patio Chair with Cushions
Brand Beachcrest Home
Sku W002176056
Updated 2023-11-17 09:40:00
Retail Price $249.59
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Description - Features

Luxurious outdoor double chairs with beautiful navy cushions and contrasting white pipe stitching help you enjoy the outdoors even more. Recommended care: wipe with a damp cloth and use an outdoor fabric protector regularly to maximize durability.

Beachcrest Home

From the shores of Maine to the beaches of Key Largo, Beachcrest Home celebrates the breezy and relaxed feeling of a waterfront getaway with furniture and decor that brings the beauty of the coast in, and the comfort of the home out.

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