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Amal 3-Drawer Nightstand


Amal 3-Drawer Nightstand

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Product Details
Amal 3-Drawer Nightstand
Brand Birch Lane
Sku W002155505
Updated 2023-11-17 09:08:00
Retail Price $503.99
Availability In Stock!
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Description - Features

Take a walk through time and find vintage treasures. Part of this traditional living category, the design combines a grand feel of the past with today's luxurious lifestyle. Warm antique finishes and artistic distressing along with luxurious design details, make a group be passed to generations. Reminiscent of English antiques recreates the charming beauty of times past. Finishes are meant to mix and match for an eclectic blending of old and new, cottage and traditional.

Birch Lane

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