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Fowlkes Wooden Garden Bench


Fowlkes Wooden Garden Bench

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Fowlkes Wooden Garden Bench
Brand August Grove
Sku W002056221
Updated 2022-02-16 17:05:29
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You may think 'Southern English' a curious combination. After all, the English aren't exactly known for their fondness of rebels, what with the way that colonist thing turned out and all. But then, they may have been quite tickled when the South reared up and gave the Yankees a big headache. While that is, of course, pure speculation, there is one certain thing: odd pairing notwithstanding, this solid red cedar bench is turned smashing! It'll make you want to say, “Pip! Pip! Yee-haaa!”

August Grove

Inspired by the unfussed charm of a well-appointed country cottage, August Grove celebrates enduring farmhouse style and down-home comfort. August Grove products recall a time when simplicity and versatility guaranteed year after year of warmth and inviting elegance.

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