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Ignatius Wooden Dining Table


Ignatius Wooden Dining Table

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Product Details
Ignatius Wooden Dining Table
Brand Darby Home Co
Sku W000814890
Updated 2022-03-07 20:13:35
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Description - Features

Let in this dining table that displays an inviting charm with its causal yet subtle framing. Constructed from wood, the table features a not so edgy tabletop along with a cherry finish that will pour in a warm accent to your dining room. It is accented with sturdy framing that will last till many years.

Darby Home Co

Darby Home Co. offers furniture, textiles, and lighting for every elegant setting. Encapsulate the timeless grace of American traditional style characterized by dark wood, intricate patterns, and strong silhouettes with centerpieces created to stand the test of time.

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