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Abasi Wooden Tray Table


Abasi Wooden Tray Table

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Product Details
Abasi Wooden Tray Table
Brand August Grove
Sku AGTG7653
Updated 2022-03-07 17:54:24
Retail Price $537.49
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Description - Features

The brown wood finish and solidly constructed to last, this Abasi Wooden Tray Table features you want in a serving tray tabletop and provides years of enjoyment. It is especially suitable for some fragile stuff keeping on it, such as wine bottles, water glasses, coffee/teacups and so on. It is really a versatile piece as a coffee/tea service table for your guests, an attractive serving platter at a party, or a snack tray for a child.

August Grove

Inspired by the unfussed charm of a well-appointed country cottage, August Grove celebrates enduring farmhouse style and down-home comfort. August Grove products recall a time when simplicity and versatility guaranteed year after year of warmth and inviting elegance.

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