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Shaw Solid Wood Nightstand in Natural Teak


Shaw Solid Wood Nightstand in Natural Teak

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Product Details
Shaw Solid Wood Nightstand in Natural Teak
Brand Alcott Hill
Sku ACOT5577
Updated 2023-11-17 10:00:00
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A straightforward, vintage-inspired side table or nightstand with a shelf and drawer for ample storage. The reclaimed teak used to hand-build this nightstand originates from bridges, homes, and other buildings throughout India, most dating back to the colonial era, and was salvaged prior to demolition of the structure. During the salvaging process, nails or bolts are removed from the naturally durable wood, and any large holes are patched with smaller wood pieces. Knotholes, slight cracks, and indentations can be expected and do not compromise the piece’s structural integrity, but rather add character to the design. Due to the hand-built construction process, slight variations that enhance the piece's character should be expected.

Alcott Hill

With a contemporary twist on traditional designs, Alcott Hill offers comfortable, versatile and easy ways to refresh any home.

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