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Joacima Solid Wood Platform 2 Piece Bedroom Set


Joacima Solid Wood Platform 2 Piece Bedroom Set

Save on Joacima Solid Wood Platform 2 Piece Bedroom Set

Product Details
Joacima Solid Wood Platform 2 Piece Bedroom Set
Brand George Oliver
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With a contemporary take on furniture, George Oliver beds and nightstands are designed to realize the embrace between the sleek lines of the new and the comfort of the old. These pieces easily fit into your unique decoration style and personal preferences, harmonizing with their surroundings and complementing existing ones. George Oliver platform beds are made of heavy-duty, solid George Oliver wood construction. With their unique designs and ergonomic sizes, the bed frames enclose the mattress and fit it in easily to prevent slipping, while at the same time also providing ample under-bed space for easy cleaning and extra storage. The slats are carefully spaced and positioned with padded tapes for more stability, while the mainframes create a natural border to keep the mattress firmly in place and from falling off accidentally. Our beds are specially designed to meet all bed needs whether itís mattress or box spring foundation, bed frame, or platform bed. Meanwhile, the accompanying nightstand is likewise made of the same high-quality sustainable George Oliver wood, with a simple yet striking silhouette. This combination offers a unique opportunity to furnish your personal space with a ton-sur-ton appearance and quality integrity. A nightstand that is simplistic yet essential in keeping all your important belongings at hand, whether beside your bed or at your sofaís side. All parts are engineered to minimize any hardship while assembling, for your effortlessly quick installation. This product is made of natural wood, which makes it unique and can lead to slight color variations. Size: Queen, Color: Black Ristretto

George Oliver

George Oliver offers a large selection of Bedroom Furniture.

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