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Byington Wooden Picnic Bench


Byington Wooden Picnic Bench

Save on Byington Wooden Picnic Bench

Product Details
Byington Wooden Picnic Bench
Brand Ivy Bronx
Sku W000791672_847987360
Updated 2022-02-16 17:05:29
Retail Price $299.99
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Perfect both on its own or as a part of your outdoor dining set-up, this close-legged bench can serve a number of functional roles in your backyard or patio area. No matter the setting, this piece is the ultimate way to allow everybody at the party to get nice and cozy with 1 another, while sharing a delicious meal or simply a good conversation. Features a pleasing wire-brush finish, adding an unexpected pop of texture that will be sure to impress. Color: Teak

Ivy Bronx

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