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Heitz 28.67" Wide Polyester Armchair


Heitz 28.67" Wide Polyester Armchair

Save on Heitz 28.67" Wide Polyester Armchair

Product Details
Heitz 28.67" Wide Polyester Armchair
Brand August Grove
Sku AGRV2234
Updated 2022-03-07 19:22:56
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Description - Features

This Armchair is ideal to create an inviting, cozy corner in your living space. A perfect fusion of age-old artisanship and modern aesthetics, the chair goes well with contemporary and ethnic decor alike. The high back cushioned design in beige polyester fabric upholstery creates an illusion of space. The curved silhouette of the back cushions is just the right contrast to the sharp lines of the cherry finished wood frame. Place against the wall or in the middle of the room - it is designed for both. A great buy for people who value superlative craftsmanship. Constructed of eco-friendly solid rubberwood, with a poplar and plywood board seat, the chair will be a timeless addition to your home or reception area. The chair lends a casual, laid-back air to your living room, while also making it appear larger and more open. Large, plush cushions with a distinctive horizontal straight line tuft detail contrast its compact, windowpane design frame, inviting you to sink right in. Plus, the removable cushions make it easy to dust any popcorn or cookie crumbles you may have left behind. Whether in a lounge arrangement, public waiting area or private office, this chair will be a standout piece with any interior decor. It could also be used in the entryway as extra seating. This 1-seater will be suitable for those urban dwellers with limited space.

August Grove

Inspired by the unfussed charm of a well-appointed country cottage, August Grove celebrates enduring farmhouse style and down-home comfort. August Grove products recall a time when simplicity and versatility guaranteed year after year of warmth and inviting elegance.

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