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28" Wide Velvet Square Standard Ottoman


28" Wide Velvet Square Standard Ottoman

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Product Details
28" Wide Velvet Square Standard Ottoman
Brand Ebern Designs
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Cody's ottoman 28 wide flannel - Upgrade your relaxation with our spacious 28 x 28 ottoman. This wide and inviting ottoman complements our armless chair and corner chair or stand beautiful on its own. Its generous size provides ample room to kick up your feet, share a seat, or even set a tray for your favorite book and beverage. Wrapped in flannel fabric, this ottoman is a tactile delight whether used as a luxurious footrest, additional seating, or a stylish centerpiece, Our 28 x 28 ottoman elevates your home's comfort and style. Mix and match with our armless chairs and corner chairs to create your ideal seating arrangement. Great for small spaces, dorms, tiny homes and small apartments. Product size: 28 x 28 x 17. Fabric: Steel Blue Velvet

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