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Jayk Plant Stand


Jayk Plant Stand

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Jayk Plant Stand
Brand Williston Forge
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Unique design of plant stand indoor let each pot of plants absorb sufficient sunlight, fully display, and form a beautiful landscape. 4 tiered plant stand indoor not only provides enough storage space for your flower pot, but also decorates your living room, bedroom and office with modern appearance. The bottom of the plant stand indoor with 4 silicone foot pads, holding heavy-duty potted plant securely without scratching the floor. We have provided clear instructions and installation tools to make your assembly easier. Please read the instructions carefully before starting to ensure accurate and efficient installation. This indoor plant stand is perfect for placing in corners. The iron frame has reinforced screws at the joints, making the plant stand even more sturdy. We recommend placing a heavier planter on the bottom tier to enhance its stability. This corner tiered plant stand indoor is made of durable metal and MDF board, which has a smooth surface, with the function of compression resistance, and stable structure. The material of the 4 tiered plant stand indoor is environmentally friendly, healthy and pollution-free, suitable for pregnant women and children, high strength and durable. The thickened wood material of the tiered plant stands indoor is very stable, ensuring long-term durability. The tiered plant stands indoor includes 4 shelves, the overall height is 29.5 inches. This indoor plant stand with artistic design. The plant stands will add charm to your space with a lively and vibrant ambiance. In addition to showing your beautiful plant, you can also use it for your pictures, albums, crafts, etc., play a good decorative role. Tiered plant stands is also suitable for many scenes in the garden, balcony, lawn, living room, bedroom, office, etc.

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