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Keyonna Plant Stand


Keyonna Plant Stand

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Keyonna Plant Stand
Brand 17 Stories
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Indoor Plant Stands combination of wrought iron and wood planks, beautiful and elegant, smooth and burr-free, easy to maintain and wipe. Anti-rust spraying process, strong and durable. Grid layout, uniform load-bearing, not easy to deform. The base is widened to make the most of the space. The vertical 4-layer plant stand holds at least 4-5 pots of cute plants. It is easy to store, saves space, and fits anywhere in the home.When you assembly pls don't tighten it too tightly when you screw it, because our design is S-shaped, and if the screw is too tight, the hole will not rise. Start by loosening the screws a little to secure all the screw parts. When all the installation is completed, the screws are tightened one by one.Plant Risers Awesome design in saving space, top materials and excellent workship, the plant stand plant stand mixed advantages together. You can use in the living room, garden, balcony and bedroom.

17 Stories

Taking inspiration from converted lofts and old factories, 17 Stories brings a touch of stark city style to your well-appointed home. Find beauty in unexpected materials, natural color palettes, and weathered detailing with this collection of industrial-chic finds.

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