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Carthage 52.8'' Upholstered Sofa


Carthage 52.8'' Upholstered Sofa

Save on Carthage 52.8'' Upholstered Sofa

Product Details
Carthage 52.8'' Upholstered Sofa
Brand House of Hampton
Sku W100160984_142862941
Updated 2023-11-17 09:44:00
Retail Price $383.99
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Description - Features

As a sofa for small spaces, we recommend our double sofa. The main component of this product is velvet, which has a soft touch and a luxurious look. It has a frame made of plywood and foam-filled seats to provide you with a comfortable sitting position. In addition, its legs are made of durable iron material, which guarantees a stable and sturdy structure. Fabric: Black Velvet

House of Hampton

Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, House of Hampton makes luxury approachable and affordable.

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