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Omwati Wood Cabinet Storage Bench


Omwati Wood Cabinet Storage Bench

Save on Omwati Wood Cabinet Storage Bench

Product Details
Omwati Wood Cabinet Storage Bench
Brand Ebern Designs
Sku W100160118_1786393614
Updated 2023-11-17 09:02:00
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Description - Features

This toy storage box has a spacious interior space, providing plenty of space to store toys of all sizes. Retaining handles on both sides allow you to easily move the toy box from one room to another. With this storage box, you can easily organize your toys and other items to keep the room tidy and clean. Sturdy wood construction. Doubles as a bench for additional seating. Helps keep bedrooms tidy and organized designed with children in mind, the lid's unique safety hinge prevents accidental dropping to help protect little fingers. Sturdy wood construction makes this a lasting addition to any kid's room. Color/Pattern: Gray

Ebern Designs

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