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Bundi Armoire


Bundi Armoire

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Bundi Armoire
Brand Gracie Oaks
Sku W100157375
Updated 2023-11-17 09:30:00
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This simple and fashionable cabinet has exquisite and elegant design style, smooth lines and nearly perfect color matching, which fits most household styles and can be perfectly displayed in your home. It is very functional and can be used as a bedroom closet, locker, cloakroom, or in the living room is a good choice. The three-in-one wood tenon joint process is adopted. The cabinet is made of 18mm thick particle board, the shelf is made of 15mm thick particle board, and the back board is made of 3mm thick particle board. The door panel is made of blister surface, which is elegant and beautiful. Classic sliding barn door design, simple atmosphere, save space, integrated floor design makes the cabinet stable and not easy to shake, using imported immersed paper and brand hardware accessories, 350mm Adams base rail, make the product durable. The fine partition design and scientific partition structure can meet the storage needs of a family of three. The folding area, clothes hanging area, drawer area, bedding and clothes all have appropriate storage space, and different items can be properly stored.

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