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Dmir 27" W Tufted Velvet Armchair


Dmir 27" W Tufted Velvet Armchair

Save on Dmir 27" W Tufted Velvet Armchair

Product Details
Dmir 27" W Tufted Velvet Armchair
Brand Mercer41
Sku W009575595_494872462_494872463
Updated 2023-11-17 08:39:00
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Description - Features

This accent chair adds a pop of elegance to your living room or office. Upholstered in a velvet fabric with a choice of chrome or gold frame. It's crafted from stainless steel with sleek, rectangular armrests and a slightly pitched seatback. Looks very polished and contemporary. This chair has a 27'' wide seat. Medium firm seating. Fabric: Beige Velvet, Leg Color: Gold


Mercer41 offers a large selection of Bedroom Furniture.

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