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Zyeria 30'' Wide Power Standard Recliner


Zyeria 30'' Wide Power Standard Recliner

Save on Zyeria 30'' Wide Power Standard Recliner

Product Details
Zyeria 30'' Wide Power Standard Recliner
Brand Ebern Designs
Sku W009575173_990172975
Updated 2023-11-17 10:05:00
Retail Price $575.99
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Description - Features

This recliner is the ideal chair for any living room. Built with a powerful motor, this recliner chair could open smoothly and quietly by pressing the button on the side of the chair! The back, arms, and seat of the recliner are well-stuffed with an extra thick layer of sponge padding.When you lay in it, you will feel flying in the air. Comfy-to-touch skin-friendly fabric is covering all the parts of the chair making it look sleek and attractive. A high back and pillow armrest turn this recliner into a home style leisure spot. Also included a USB charger. You are never far away from a charge and can sit in comfort while using all your favorite gadgets. (Notes: The USB ports ONLY for low-power devices, such as iPhone, iPad.) Fabric: Dark Brown Polyester Blend

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