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Montreal Tight Back Futon and Mattress


Montreal Tight Back Futon and Mattress

Save on Montreal Tight Back Futon and Mattress

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Montreal Tight Back Futon and Mattress
Brand Foundstone
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This package includes a futon frame, mattress, zip cover, and anti-slip strips. This timeless futon set will add style and functionality to any room. This futon has the looks of an expensive sofa with the versatility of a futon. Crafted from solid hardwood, this frame utilizes their wall hugging technology which allows conversion of the frame from couch to bed without moving the frame away from the wall. Their top-of-the-line Montreal Tight Back Futon and Mattress contains a four-inch core of high-strength steel innerspring coils surrounded by two layers of high resilience eco-friendly foam. These layers are encased in several layers of blended cotton, which allows the mattress to be rotated which extends its life. This set includes a beautiful solid cover.Our anti-slip tech-designed strips will keep your mattress from sliding so you can kick back and relax without worry. Simply peel, cut, and adhere the strips to the length and width of your futon slats to keep them secured in place. Fabric: Pewter, Size: 37 H x 86 W x 42 D, Frame Color: Warm Cherry


Foundstone offers a large selection of Accents Furniture.

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