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Dianalee End Table Accent Cabinet


Dianalee End Table Accent Cabinet

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Product Details
Dianalee End Table Accent Cabinet
Brand Bungalow Rose
Sku W000769605
Updated 2022-03-07 18:56:14
Retail Price $1537.49
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Description - Features

Practically configured with a usable center storage compartment and three top and two bottom drawers. Fitted with distinctive brass hardware including an authentic star medallion hasp, strap hinges, and corner reinforcements.

Bungalow Rose

Far-flung luxury inspires Bungalow Rose's bohemian-chic collection of globally influenced furniture and decor. Their shoppers are invited to explore a bazaar of jet-set discoveries filled with tribal prints, Eastern influences, and Old-World charm and create a home that's uniquely theirs.

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