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17" Bookcase KidKraft Finish/Color: White


17" Bookcase KidKraft Finish/Color: White

Save on 17" Bookcase KidKraft Finish/Color: White

Product Details
17" Bookcase KidKraft Finish/Color: White
Brand KidKraft
Sku KK1864_15425808
Updated 2020-05-08 09:58:00
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Description - Features

17" Bookcase is for every home which needs a good storage space with something which adds to the decor of the room. Made in a traditional style it has four separate storage compartments which are quite a big space for whatever you like to keep in it. It is perfect for the bedroom or children’s room to keep books, toys, and baskets. The top shelf can be used to keep decor items on it. The shape is rectangular and it is freestanding. It’s the neat and polished design and compactness is a treat to eyes. Wherever you keep it, it brings about a calm yet dignified air to the atmosphere of the room. It acts as a kind of showpiece in your room. KidKraft Finish/Color: White


KidKraft offers a large selection of Home Office Furniture.

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