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Albia End Table with Storage Color: Espresso


Albia End Table with Storage Color: Espresso

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Product Details
Albia End Table with Storage Color: Espresso
Brand Highland Dunes
Sku HLDS7292_24081232
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Description - Features

This must-have table has features and functions too numerous to mention. This ultimate storage and organization solution are a unique and clever way to eliminate clutter and keep your stuff in one place right next to you. The main side features a wood drawer with brushed nickel knob as well as 2 coordinates natural rush drawers all for concealed storage. Keep your eyeglasses, remote controls, tablets, smartphones, calculators, TV guides, and more at convenient arm's length in a partitioned section as well as CDís, DVD's or Bric a Brac on a shelf underneath. Out of sight rotating mechanism enables easy access to all 4 sides. Highland Dunes Color: Espresso

Highland Dunes

Highland Dunes offers a large selection of Bedroom Furniture.

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Albia End Table Color: Espresso

User Rating: 4 Stars
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