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3 Piece Dining Set East West Furniture


3 Piece Dining Set East West Furniture

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Product Details
3 Piece Dining Set East West Furniture
Brand East West Furniture
Sku EWFR2579
Updated 2020-05-08 09:58:00
Retail Price $480.99
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This type of 3 piece small kitchen table set includes one rectangular table and two hardwood dining room chairs. Made of real wood, this kitchen table set has a smooth and distinctive finish which matches with any interior decoration or style of a room. It is a table and chairs with a fold-able leaf that makes it a versatile small table set. The bevel is thin and sharp, producing that small table look which is dazzling and attractive. The tabletop sports a rectangular shape. The legs from the small kitchen table set are solid wood. The chairs for dining room front legs are straight whereas the back legs are somewhat curved to meet the solid wood back of the dining chairs. The back is a slat back and is a bit curved for attractiveness. East West Furniture

East West Furniture

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3 Piece Dining Set

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