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Gratton 6 Door Accent Cabinet Beachcrest Home


Gratton 6 Door Accent Cabinet Beachcrest Home

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Product Details
Gratton 6 Door Accent Cabinet Beachcrest Home
Brand Beachcrest Home
Sku BCMH4750
Updated 2020-05-08 09:58:00
Retail Price $207.99
Sold By Wayfair

Description - Features

To bring organizational appeal to your coastal cottage, and build on your seaside-styled ensemble, add this beautiful accent cabinet to your ensemble. The clean-lined silhouette brings a contemporary edge to this design, while the different wood grain door fronts and varying knobs anchor it in the beach-chic style. It also features six individual spaces for all your storage needs. Set this accent cabinet in your entryway, then use the doors to tuck away beach towels, goggles, glossy magazines, sunscreen, and anything else you may need to grab as you make your way to the shore. Next, top it with a sea glass-filled table lamp and a bouquet of blue hydrangeas to complement the look. Beachcrest Home

Beachcrest Home

From the shores of Maine to the beaches of Key Largo, Beachcrest Home celebrates the breezy and relaxed feeling of a waterfront getaway with furniture and decor that brings the beauty of the coast in, and the comfort of the home out.

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