Product Details:

Myler Backless Picnic Bench Size: 24"


Myler Backless Picnic Bench Size: 24"

Save on Myler Backless Picnic Bench Size: 24"

Product Details
Myler Backless Picnic Bench Size: 24"
Brand Beachcrest Home
Sku BCMH3718_27100382
Updated 2019-12-17 00:42:23
Retail Price $120.89
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Description - Features

With a look rooted from traditional romantic English garden benches add a comforting feel to your lawn, garden, patio or porch at home. These benches please the body as well as the eye and are the perfect place to spend your evenings with your special someone or to just lounge around on. Crafted from sturdy solid Shorea wood, in a natural color, this piece will seamlessly blend in with most color palettes and aesthetics. We recommend routinely oiling to protect the wood, and occasionally scrubbing with a mild solution of water, laundry detergent, and a little bleach, then rinsing with fresh water. Beachcrest Home Size: 24"

Beachcrest Home

From the shores of Maine to the beaches of Key Largo, Beachcrest Home celebrates the breezy and relaxed feeling of a waterfront getaway with furniture and decor that brings the beauty of the coast in, and the comfort of the home out.

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