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Standard Classic Bean Bag Ahh! Products


Standard Classic Bean Bag Ahh! Products

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Standard Classic Bean Bag Ahh! Products
Brand Ahh! Products
Sku AHHP1054
Updated 2020-05-08 09:58:00
Retail Price $207.99
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Ahh! Products bean bag chairs are sure to be a favorite from toddler years and last through college. This bean bag chair is perfect for kids but will seat adults. This cover is a soft, plush polyester animal faux fur fabric that is machine-washable. The seams are double-stitched for superior strength, no ripping or breaking even with the toughest play. Under the cover is an Ahh! Products exclusive liner that repels liquids in case you spill something. Your filling will stay safely inside the liner since it's strong enough to hold up to rough play. Liners come with child-resistant zippers that lock and unlock, so you can keep curious children out. The cover and liner are double-stitched and will not break or leak as other bean bags do. Don't buy a cheap bean bag and regret it, the real value is long-term durability. Filled with 100% polystyrene pellets that vary from 1/8" to 1/2" that are brand new, but re-purposed, making the bean bag "greener". Bean bag is round and sewn like a baseball, not pear or egg-shaped. Ahh! Products

Ahh! Products

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Bean Bag Chair

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