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Pilning Upholstered Dining Chair


Pilning Upholstered Dining Chair

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Pilning Upholstered Dining Chair
Brand August Grove
Sku AGTG6532
Updated 2023-11-17 09:45:00
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Description - Features

Ladderback Modern Dining Room Chairs Bring an elegant interest to your dining room with our wonderful Ladderback dining room chairs. Leading-edge straight ladder-back create of these modern dining chairs will improve the beauty of any dining table. The Comfortable hardwood ladder back of these kitchen-dining chairs will provide amazing support to your back. The structure of these dining chairs is manufactured of Good Quality Asian wood (Rubber Wood) which provides excellent robustness and stability to these dining chairs. The soft and comfortable foam seat of this fantastic wood dining chair is wrapped in High-quality Linen Fabric, which provides a wonderful glance and comfortable sitting experience. Cutting edge Durable hardwood structure, comfortable Linen Fabric seat, ladder back, and robust Stylish Legs offer innovative glance to your dining area, amazing stability to these awesome country dining chairs, and comfortable support to your back. Because of the amazingly ideal dimensions, these dining chairs are very easy to carry, clean, assemble and adjust their places, Timeless designs of these unique dining room chairs set fit well with any decor and a soft seat in smooth Linen Fabric will keep customers comfortable.

August Grove

Inspired by the unfussed charm of a well-appointed country cottage, August Grove celebrates enduring farmhouse style and down-home comfort. August Grove products recall a time when simplicity and versatility guaranteed year after year of warmth and inviting elegance.

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