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23.6" W Lounge Chair


23.6" W Lounge Chair

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Product Details
23.6" W Lounge Chair
Brand 17 Stories
Sku AEBO1409_68902740
Updated 2023-11-17 09:39:00
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Description - Features

Add a modern look to your home with this stylish slipper accent chair. This lounge chair has a cool minimalist design with crossed legs and sleek upholstery with thick foam. The reclined backrest allows you to switch between accent chair and lounge chair at any time, enjoying ultimate comfort according to your position needs. Available in various colors, this piece is crafted with artful attention to detail and resilient durability for years of luxurious use in any space. Don't hesitate to choose whatever you need, single or set of 9! Leather Type: Whisky Brown Faux Leather

17 Stories

Taking inspiration from converted lofts and old factories, 17 Stories brings a touch of stark city style to your well-appointed home. Find beauty in unexpected materials, natural color palettes, and weathered detailing with this collection of industrial-chic finds.

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