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The Nectar mattress is made from four different layers of different varieties of foam, in addition to a quilted cover on top. It is 11" thick and is designed to be appealing to most sleepers, with a variety of features included to enhance the cooling and responsiveness of the mattress.

Foam Layers

The NectarSleep mattress is built using four primary layers that combine to give the sleeper an extremely comfortable sleep. Below we will explore the three layers and what they?re made from in further detail:

Top Layer

The top layer is made from 1" of gel memory foam, and it is quilted within the cover to provide cooling and comfort for the sleeper. The gel memory foam is better than other kinds of memory foam at providing cooling, which allows sleepers to enjoy the mattress even more. Additionally, this layer also works as pressure relief, which makes it useful for those with back or neck issues.

Second Layer

The second layer is the first layer which is part of the mattress itself. It is made from 3? of memory foam and is designed to provide hug and contour for the mattress. Sleepers interact with this layer once they?ve sunk through the uppermost, quilted layer on the cover. The second layer also works to provide support and comfort before sleepers reach the base layer that is more dense.

Third Layer

The third layer is comprised of 1.75" of memory foam. This additional layer of memory foam before the foundational layer offers more support and pressure relief than you would get if you just interacted directly with the base foam layer, and helps make the Nectar a bit more comfortable.

Bottom Layer

The bottom layer is made from 5.25" of high density support foam. This layer acts as the foundation for the mattress, helping to preserve its shape and support the upper layers. It also provides deep compression support that heavier sleepers and side sleepers will enjoy.
As you can see, the construction of the Nectar mattress is a bit different than most of the foam mattresses we?ve looked at, in that it takes advantage of a top layer attached to the cover of the mattress. This allows the Nectar to provide better cooling than other foam mattresses, which is a common complaint that people have with mattresses of this type.


The Nectar cover is made from a combination of Tencel and cotton. This combination of materials gives the cover breathability and airflow while keeping it soft and gentle to the touch. We?ve talked a bit about Tencel before, but you should know that it?s a fabric that comes from the Eucalyptus tree, and it is favored because of the breathability the fabric provides.

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